U is for Unique

We all like to think we are a unique don’t we? A bit special, destined for some cosmic purpose only us as individuals can achieve.…

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Are we over-reliant on drugs?

I often wonder in this day and age, do we rely too heavily on medications?

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The Mediterranean Diet & Your Health

The Mediterranean diet and its many health benefits has featured numerous times recently…

Special Needs


In July I wrote a blog about Zachariah starting nursery and I shared how overwhelming…

Special Needs

How Blogging has changed my life

I did OK at English in school and college but I would never have put myself down…

Going out?

Going out doesn't have to be an ordeal. Find stores across the UK & Ireland equipped with our Firefly GoTo Shop Trolley and venues with Space to Change accessible toilets

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GoTo Shop Trolley

Get behind this campaign and soon we could see the GoTo Shop Trolley in #EverySupermarket

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Music and Movement for Children and Adults with Special Needs!

I began researching the benefits of music and movement for my own daughter whose…

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From Doctor Appointments to Date Nights

Here in the Hinkley household date nights may come few and far between, but when…

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Taking time for Me!

Since becoming a mum 11 years ago, I haven’t been the best at taking time to…

Special Needs

Learning to say NO!

As any parent understands, learning to say NO comes with the territory!