September is NICU Awareness Month

You may have already noted that it is awareness of awareness month. I am kidding of course, it just seems like every day, week, month…

Special Needs

Disability Labelling

Sometimes I worry what kind of world our daughter in growing up in. A fast-paced,…

Special Needs

Playground ‘Friends’

It started out as a typical trip to our favourite playground. Except this time, something…

Special Needs

Five Words I Want To Say

Years into special needs parenting words rarely fail me.  I’ve equipped…

Special Needs

“I don’t want to have Cerebral Palsy any more mum.”

These were the heart-breaking words my little boy said to me this morning. One day…

Going out?

Going out doesn't have to be an ordeal. Find stores across the UK & Ireland equipped with our Firefly GoTo Shop Trolley and venues with Space to Change accessible toilets

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GoTo Shop Trolley

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Special Needs

Mums know best?

I really struggle with this statement! Firstly because it is such a bold thing to…

Special Needs

Where are the age appropriate toys?

It can be very difficult to encourage Charlie to play with toys. She’s never…

Special Needs

If it makes you happy (Sheryl Crow)

It’s taken me nearly fifteen years of being Cole’s mom to finally understand…

Special Needs

When children ask questions!

Children are curious. They are thinkers and they demand answers about anything…