Special Needs Parenting: When your child is diagnosed and dumped

When I broke the news on my social media that my child had just been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder I had a mixture of comments. 

Everything changes , yet nothing changes ...

There's one doctor, well she's not really a doctor, she hasn’t the…

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Special Needs Families: Coping with surgery

It has been a very strange few weeks! 

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Why I’m Not Ditching My New Years Resolution Today

Today is the day when most people will ditch their new year’s resolutions,…

Special Needs

Sensory Sundays at Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese known for family fun, games and delicious food has launched Sensory…

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Keep Warm This Winter: Tips for Special Needs Families

As the cold spell hits the UK, here are some helpful tips to keep warm this winter.

Through the Lens

Sebastian has epilepsy due to the damage caused to his brain at birth. 

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Have you ever bought a toy that did far more than it says on the box?

It was supposed to be a stocking filler, you know that last minute thing you buy…

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A guided tour around a special needs home

One of the many appeals of social media is the fact deep down we are all curious…